Corona Safety

With new regulations in place since Covid19, we have built specialised Oovies that can help your business with viewings, valuations and inspections. By including appropriate safety check questions with your video message, you now have the ability to ensure that your Agents and Clients are kept safe during visits and are all aware of the PPE guidance instructions. You can double check whether your client has been exposed to Covid19 in the past few weeks, and can also use the video message to send over video tours of particular properties for potential viewers to be sure that they definitely want to view the property before hand, saving you both valuable time. Our ‘Tenant Self-Inspection’ Oovie allows Tenants to answer multiple questions about their property and upload video tours straight to your dashboard so that you can safely report back to Landlords without needing to physically visit the property. Take a look at the video below for an example of our ‘Corona Owner Safety’ Oovie.